Empowering at-risk youth across British Columbia to embrace their authentic self and reach their full potential.


Grant recipients are required by law to be qualified donees as described by the Income Tax Act of Canada. The Foundation cannot make grants to individuals, for-profit organizations or not-for-profit organizations that are not registered Canadian charities or qualified donees.

Charities must support at risk youth within the Province of British Columbia.


Nothing is more contagious than giving.

Sean Virani

Funding Restrictions

Kids at Risk will not consider funding proposals for the following areas:

  1. operating crises or any other kinds of financial deficits
  2. capital costs such as new buildings, renovations or major equipment
  3. land acquisitions
  4. scholarships
  5. creation of endowments
  6. attendance at conferences, travel and accommodation
  7. celebrations or special events
  8. production of films, videos, DVDs or other electronic media