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Application Procedure

Grant proposals must include the following information to be considered for funding:

Executive Summary:

Executive Summary describing scope and purpose of the program or project. Funding amount being requested.

Organizational Background:

A brief description of the organization’s history, objectives, activities, and the community it serves.

Project Description:

Detailed explanation of the program that includes: a. An outline of the program objectives b. Activities and resources that will be employed to accomplish program objectives. c. Anticipated outcome and results. d. Duration of program e. Metrics that will be applied to measure impact or success of program

Project Budget:

Breakdown of anticipated expenses including how the grant funds will be used, and breakdown of program costs versus administration fees. Please include all confirmed sources of funding.

Financial Information:

The most recent audited financial statement for your organization, operating budget for the current year (including expenditures to date), as well current annual report.

Management & Board of Directors:

a. Brief biography of your organization’s key Management Staff b. List of Board of Directors c. List of any relevant committees or advisory groups


There is nothing more powerful than hope.

Anisha Virani

Proposal Deadlines

While applications are accepted throughout the year, proposals are reviewed and approved by the Board of Directors annually in October.

Grant Submission Deadline: October 15th

Funding Awarded: November 30th

Please submit your proposals through the website.

As a part of the grant review process, our Board may ask for additional information regarding program or budget details, conduct site visits, or request interviews with program mangers and Board Members.

Grant recipients will be asked to submit a program evaluation report at the end of the funding period. Ongoing or multi year funding is contingent on receiving these reports.The Grant Application and Final Grant Evaluation can be submitted online through our website portal.

The Board’s decisions are final, and reasons may not be given for declining a grant application.