Empowering at-risk youth across British Columbia to embrace their authentic self and reach their full potential.

The Amir and Yasmin Virani Family Foundation is a private charitable family foundation that supports the arts, academic and medical institutions, and organizations that aid women and children across the globe.

Kids at Risk was established to fund community-based organizations that empower socially vulnerable or marginalized youth to develop healthy relationships, advocate for themselves and navigate their own path to success.


Try to leave the world a better place than you found it.

Amir Virani

We recognize the playing field to achieving success is undeniably uneven. Some minors face greater hurdles. For young people who are Indigenous, newcomers, living in poverty, racialized, or struggling with sexual or gender identity, life can be stressful, lonely, and often dangerous.

We believe all youth deserve to live in safe communities where education, medical care, mental health support, and mentorship is available.

Our goal is to help young people live safe, healthy and inspired lives.


Giving to the next generation shows them they matter, and is the most powerful path to a better future for all of us.

Alice Virani