Empowering at-risk youth across British Columbia to embrace their authentic self and reach their full potential.

About Us


In 1972, Ugandan Dictator Idi Amin expelled 60,000 people of South Asian descent from Uganda. The community was given 90 days to leave. Three generations of our family were born and raised in Kampala, and we suddenly found ourselves stateless refugees. Canada welcomed us with open arms and gave us the opportunity to pursue our dreams and goals.

We created the Amir and Yasmin Virani Family Foundation to give back to the country we proudly call home. When my children suggested that we create an organization that focused specifically on youth, the idea struck a deep chord within me. We launched Kids at Risk to fund organizations that support vulnerable young people across British Columbia.

Armir and Yasmin
Yasmin Virani
Executive Directior of Kids at Risk

The Amir and Yasmin Virani Family Foundation is a private charitable family foundation. The Foundation was developed to fund organizations that work with at-risk children and youth across British Columbia.

Our goal is to help young people who face barriers reach their full potential.

We believe community support programs, counselling, academic coaching and mentorship encourage youth to navigate their own path to awareness, fulfillment, and success.

Charities we’ve supported over the past few years:

Mentorship Programs

  • YWCA
  • PLEA Community Services of BC (Kid Start)

Community Support Programs

  • The Kids Safe Project Society
  • Boys & Girls Club
  • Take a Hike Youth at Risk Foundation

Youth Educational Programs

  • Science World Society
  • Big Sisters of BC Lower Mainland (Study Buddies)
  • Vancouver Public Library Foundation
  • Learning Buddies Network
  • Focus Foundation of BC
  • Arts Umbrella
  • Equitas — International Center for Human Rights Education

At Risk Youth Programs

  • Covenant House
  • Children of the Street
  • Community First Foundation (Back Pack Buddies)
  • Bullying Canada