Since grant recipients are required by law to be qualified donees as described by the Income Tax Act, the Foundation cannot make grants to individuals, for-profit organizations or even not-for-profit organizations that are not registered Canadian charities or qualified donees.


The Foundation will consider proposals from qualified applicants whose requests for funding fall within the Foundation’s granting criteria for the KIDS AT RISK program as outlined in the mission statement. 

While Applications are accepted throughout the year, proposals are reviewed and awarded by the Board of Directors on an annual basis.

If you feel that your project or organization fits within our interest areas, we invite you to submit a proposal to the Amir and Yasmin Family Foundation for review. Proposals must include the following information to be considered:


A one page Executive Summary that describes the scope and purpose of the project along the amount of funding being sought.


A brief description of the organization’s history, objectives, activities and community it serves. A summary of the types of programs offered should also be included.


A clear and concise description of the project that includes an outline of the specific objectives, activities developed to meet the project goals, anticipated results, project time-line and an evaluation plan or specific methodology for evaluating the progress or success of the program.


Describe why your organization wants to undertake this particular project or program, how it fits into your organization’s objectives, how it can benefit others, and why your organization is best qualified to carry it out. If your project is a collaboration, a brief description of each partner, each organization’s role in the project and the reasons for forming the partnership must be included.


A comprehensive breakdown of anticipated expenses, including specifically how Foundation funds will be used. Breakdown of program costs versus administration fees must be specified. If the Foundation is being asked for partial funding of the project, indicate in the budget which expenses would be covered by a grant from the Foundation and which would be supported with other Grantmakers. Specify all other requested and confirmed sources of funding.


Provide the most recent audited financial statements for your organization, a copy of the operating budget for the current year (including expenditures to date) and a copy of the most recent annual report.


Provide a list of your organization’s Board of Directors, with a one-line description of each person, and a list of any relevant committees or advisory groups. Also provide some information about the Chief Executive Officer of your organization.


Please submit your proposals by email to info@viranifoundation.com. Proposals should be submitted no later than September 30, 2021. Applicants will receive written notification if their grant request has been approved.

As a part of the grant review process, the Foundation Board of Directors may request additional information, conduct site visits, contact your board members or verify project or budget details with outside experts.

Generally, grants will be at least $10,000 and no more than $50,000 per year. Most grants will be made for a one-year period; however, the Foundation will consider grants of two or three-year duration conditional on positive annual progress reports.

The Foundation reserves the right not to provide any explanation for declinations.

If a grant is awarded, recipients will be asked to submit a program evaluation report upon completion of funding period and project.


Proposals will be evaluated by the Board of Directors based on the following criteria:

• Project fits within the Foundations program priorities and values
• Significance of the need being addressed
• Potential to add value and achieve significant and enduring impact
• Capacity of Applicant to accomplish its goals and objectives
• Applicants track record/success rate with similar programs or projects
• Verification of project budget presented
• Capacity of Applicant to track program and evaluate results. Whenever possible, the Foundation prefers to leverage its grant by supporting a matching grant made by another organization or by challenging the community to match its grant.


The Virani Foundation will fund qualified charitable organizations in British Columbia or national (or international) organizations whose programs benefit communities in British Columbia.


While it will support some well established, national or international organizations, the Foundation prefers to fund smaller, community-based organizations.

In general, the foundation prefers to support specific programs and projects, rather than general operating expenses and capital costs, unless these are minor capital expenses associated with a project the Foundation is funding.The Foundation will NOT consider support for the following:

• operating crises or any other kinds of financial deficits
• capital costs such as new buildings, renovations or major equipment
• land acquisitions
• scholarships, unless part of a larger project the Foundation is supporting
• creation of endowments
• attendance at conferences, travel and accommodation
• celebrations or special events
• production of films, videos, DVDs or other electronic media